A selection of impressive Hubble telescope pictures in HD

Lagoon Nebula ©NASA

Lagoon Nebula ©NASA

How Hubble Telescope Pictures Changed The Way We Think About Space

This evening I was walking home from a long day of work and looked at the sky.
A thick veil of clouds was covering the city.
I checked the weather report this morning, as I do every day, and it was stating nothing good, basically clouds, clouds and more clouds.
I’d like to be lucky enough to own a radio telescope, but i am already thankful it’s not raining.

That could only mean one thing to my weekly Monday night observation session, it’s not going to happen.
So here I am, taking care of this page and selecting some of the most beautiful Hubble telescope pictures available between the hundreds taken during past years.

You can scroll until the end of the text to browse some deep space images.

How did NASA came up with this name for a space telescope?

Edwin Hubble

Edwin Powell Hubble

When you think about telescopes history your mind will quickly recall one of its pioneers, Galileo Galilei (1564-1642), often listed between the fathers of astronomy,
which improved refracting telescopes and changed our perception and knowledge of universe forever.

Moving forward in time, reaching 1920’s, when space science has met one of the most original and extraordinary minds of the century: Edwin Hubble (1889-1953).
Using the Hooker telescope, the most powerful observational instrument of the time, he mainly focused on objects at the boundaries of the Milky Way.

His observation work lead him to discover the presence of several galaxies and defining the path for modern extragalactic astronomy. Big bang theory development also benefited from his studies.

To honor him NASA named one of his space telescope project after him.


The Hubble Space Telescope ©NASA

What is the Hubble space telescope?

The Hubble telescope, also known as HST, is one of the most famous optical space telescope.
During its 24 year career it gathered global media coverage, supplying the world with spectacular and delightful pictures.

It was developed by NASA during almost three decades of work, since Congress funds approval in 1977 to its launch in 24 April 1990, during the  Space Shuttle mission STS-31.

Hubble is a state-of-the-art Cassegrain reflector telescope, with mirrors made of glass and covered by a surface of pure aluminum and magnesium fluoride.
This makes it capable of capturing light in three different forms: visible, ultraviolet and infrared.

Here’s some Hubble telescope technical specifics and general facts :

  • It has a length of 13.2 meters, diameter of 4.2 meters, weighting 11,110 kilograms;
  • It’s powered by solar energy, through two solar panels of 2.45 x 7.56 meters;
  • The size of the primary mirror is 2.4 meters;
  • It orbits at approximately 570 km above the ground with an inclination of 28.5 degrees to the Equator;
  • It collected over 700,000 pictures and sent over 50 terabytes of data, helping publishing over 9,500 scientific papers.

Below a selection of some of the most captivating photographies taken by the Hubble telescope.

Did you liked our selection? Do you think we missed some? Let us know in the comments.

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