Spotting The Best Telescope Under 100 $

There is a huge variety of product lines, telescope types, brands and individual products available in the market these days that you can surely find a good telescope for almost every price range, no matter how narrow it is.

Entry level telescopes are usually less costly and offer some features which are a pre-requisite of a perfect expert fully loaded telescope. It is not very difficult to find a good entry level telescope, but it becomes really hard to choose between them and mark one as the best entry level telescope. The reason is solely that different people have different taste. Some of the customers give a great importance to lens and optical quality while others have a major concern about portability. Other factors like aperture size, useful in night viewing depending on the distant stars and the color enhancement, make it impossible to crown one being the best starter telescope.

Especially in a range as crucial as the 100$, it is next to impossible to find a scope which has all the attributes mentioned above. You have to set your priorities and let something go for getting something else. But then, at the starter level, most of the people are just happy to even own a telescope, so to let the great features go generally doesn’t cause a heart break.

Some of the most important features at the entry level telescope include the quality of the optics. Well, it is one feature which holds its significance in every type of telescope. But a best entry level telescope must have reasonably good quality optics. Furthermore, the mount should be stable enough because beginners astronomers find it difficult to spot the stars, and if the stand sways they may lose track of them. Also, a telescope within this range will lack the GoTo technology.

Here are some of the suggested products which have all of the vital features which we look for in a beginner telescope.

Celestron 21037 PowerSeeker 70EQ

This is one of the best products within our price range that you will find in the market. The features that it exhibits make it comparable to the best of the high priced telescopes. It is a refractor type, with easy portability and an aluminum tripod stand.


The accessory tray also complements the features that it has. The diameter of the refractor is 2.8” or 70mm, which makes it good enough for amateur level. The optical zoom of 3x is good for sighting major planets and stars without compromising the image quality, since the diameter is a limiting factor. Focal length is 700mm and it has a Finderscope of 5×24, with 20mm and 4mm eyepieces.

Customers are usually beginners so they find this telescope very useful, maybe due to the fascination it provides when they sight Jupiter with its moons and Saturn with its rings. This product has everything it takes to be the best telescope under 100 $ mark.

Celestron COSMOS FirstScope

This is a compact Newtonian reflector with many amazing features.

Looking at all the attributes and utilities that this telescope offers, it is hard to believe that it falls in the category of under $100. It is perhaps the favorite of all beginners, because it offers not only good visual quality; but also is better looking than other telescopes.


The major distinguishing feature indeed is its large 76mm primary mirror which allows it to enhance its light gathering ability. This increases the image quality of the celestial objects and the moon, for instance.

The outlook of this product is very impressive, especially the Dobsonian style table top mount. Its Kellner high quality eyepieces also provide better quality images. The telescope is also easily portable and widely available with less than 60 $.

Celestron 21035 70mm Travel Scope

This particular model was designed to suit the travelling conditions, but the features offered by Celestron are good enough to make one the best starter telescopes.

It’s a refractor type, which is generally good for traveling purposes, with a diameter of 70mm. It is so good for travelling that all the accessories along with the tripod and the telescope itself can be easily fixed in a small backpack style case, which is used to carry it around.


Some of the parts are also made of plastic, which reduces the cost and makes it light for easy handling. Accessories also include a 45 degree correct image prism which again respects the purpose for which it is made. The focal length of 400mm and the glass lenses produce brilliant images, even of your backyard where you can view the birds chirping.

Daylight view is also as good as most expensive telescopes, which is rather strange for such a price range. The 20mm eyepiece is good enough for crisp details of close views, while the 10mm eyepiece helps spotting objects like the moons around the planets. Lastly, it also has the Sky X software, which assists you in transforming your computer screen into a functional pictorial illustration of the galaxy.

This is also one of the products that beginners love to buy, especially those who need to travel and love camping. This product is available for a small price, less than 100 $.

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