Chasing the Best Telescope Under 500 $

In the world of stars and space, telescope is obviously an important tool for the observer. It can help you view our beautiful solar system, galaxies, nebulae, the Moon and many other objects in space. Apart from just magnifying space objects, telescopes also have to gather enough light, to help you in observing objects that are actually too dim to be seen with naked eye.

Many options needs to be considered before buying a high end telescope. We obviously want to spend less and get the best possible quality product available in that price range.

That’s why you need to decide your budget first, then look up for telescopes and features that come along with them. And then make your decision after that.

Below we will give you some indications about three instruments that :

  • we like,
  • have over average ratings,
  • fall under the $ 500 mark.

Orion 9024 AstroView 90mm Equatorial Refractor

An impressive high end telescope with a high quality refractor.

It has a 90 mm aperture and a 910 mm focal length for viewing Moon, planets and deep objects. It comes with two eyepieces of 25 mm and 10 mm and a smooth adjusting rack of 1.25”.

The telescope includes an adjustable tripod stand and an equatorial mount for manual celestial tracking. The price of  the Orion 9024 AstroView 90mm Equatorial Refractor is around  $ 320.


Customer reviews regarding this telescope are quite satisfactory. It has a 90 degree diagonal mirror that assists during night time performance. As per reviews, the telescope gives great and incredible views. You can easily view the inside and outside of the solar system and be amazed by Jupiter’s moons, Saturn’s rings and much much more. The mount is really stable and you require no collimation. Minimum time is required for setup and you will be ready to go.

This Orion Telescope has decent eyepieces and it is a well built telescope that gives the best images of the objects within its range. It gives detailed images of objects without any color distortion. Moreover, this telescope can also be used to view terrestrial objects during daytime. Here is an example:

However, telescope is quite heavy and not very portable. Probably the best telescope under $500.

Celestron 114LCM Computerized

The Celestron 114LCM Computerized Telescope employs a high quality refractor of 4.5”, making it a high end telescope. It has a computerized base, an optical tube and an accessory tray that aids in quick telescope setup.

The instrument can locate more than 4000 celestial objects. The mount is comparatively lighter than other telescopes. This computerized model has also a software named The SkyX, to assist you in observing planets. This telescope is about $ 290 and available in black color.


According to reviews, the views that this telescope offers are fantastic. However, you need to work on it with precision. One disadvantage of this telescope is that its battery dies really fast, so that’s where you will need to keep track of your budget and consider improving it. Otherwise the quality of images that the telescope offers for this fairly low price are simply great.

Other pros of this telescope are its usability, the set up,  and the ease of alignment as well. You will able to see lot of objects through this telescope, which lie within the range of its aperture of 4.5”. Images of galaxies and nebula that are farther away, and don’t fall in telescope’s range, will obviously not be viewed perfectly and clearly. The feature of being a computerized instrument is a great plus. It will make viewing easier, as you will just have to type coordinates and the telescope will do the searching part for you.

Orion 09007 SpaceProbe 130ST Equatorial Reflector

The Orion 09007 has an aperture of 5.1”. This high end telescope can gather quite an ample amount of light, thus providing excellent views of Moon and planets of solar system, along with far away galaxies, star clusters and nebulas. It has an optical tube of 24 inches and has been specially designed to enable easy portability.

This telescope has many excellent features which makes it quite versatile. It has a sturdy equatorial telescope mount and an adjustable tripod. These allow manual tracking of celestial objects across the sky at night. The telescope is quite light, weighting about 27 lbs, making it easily portable. Two eyepieces of 25 mm and 10 mm are included. It has a finder scope of 6×30, a rack of 1.25” and a collimation cap as well. Along with all these accessories it also has a tripod accessory tray, a pinion focuser and an astronomy software. The Orion 09007 SpaceProbe costs less than $ 300.


This telescope has received some of the best reviews, which are often completely satisfactory. One of the most detailed reviews says that, according to the price of the telescope, it is a really good product and quite versatile as well. It comes with all equipments required for astrophotography, if you want to try it, except the camera mount.

The equatorial mount assists in long exposure, and you don’t need to continually adjust the telescope to track objects in the sky. The image quality is fantastic, small, but very clear and crisp. The overall quality of the telescope is rated well above average and everything is well packaged, taking care of small details. All of the accessories work absolutely well and don’t degrade the performance of the telescope at all.

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