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How To Get The Telescope In Castle Crashers? (Solved)

  • When you defeat the Industrial Machine monster at the conclusion of Industrial Castle, you will be able to receive the Telescope. In the Demo version, you will not be able to visit this level. You must first fight the Barbarian boss before proceeding to the Dock in the Barbarian Boss level.

Where is the steering wheel and telescope in Castle Crashers?

Located in the Lava World level, immediately after the Dragon and Sock Puppet bosses have been slain, this item may be obtained.

Where do you find the spyglass in Castle Crashers?

The spyglass may be found at the end of the Industrial Castle’s stairwells.

What is the strongest weapon in Castle Crashers?


  • 1: Man Catcher (173 points)
  • 2: NG Gold Sword (170 points)
  • 3: Club (165 points)
  • 4: Fishing Spear (152 points)
  • 5: Gold Skull Mace (151 points)
  • 6: Butcher Knife (149 points)
  • 7: Clunky Mace (145 points)
  • 8: Buffalo Mace (141 points)
  • 1: Man Catcher (173 points)
  • 1: Club (165 points)
  • 1: Club (165 points
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How do you get the industrial knight in Castle Crashers?

Once you’ve completed the game as the Orange Knight, you’ll be able to play as the Fire Demon. Then, using the Fire Demon, complete the game in order to unlock the Ninja character. The Industrialist character can only be unlocked once the Blue Knight has completed the game.

How do you get beefy in Castle Crashers?

During the course of eating a sandwich and allowing the timer to run out, you may perform a glitch by entering kissing mode from a princess, and when the timer expires, you will be able to move freely as the princess kisses the air. In Arena mode, there is a Beefy game option in which you must consume chickens in order to gain muscle and overcome your opponents.

What does the purple knight do Castle Crashers?

He is the only knight who is permitted to dress in purple, which is the royal hue. In fact, his Splash Attack has the second-lowest number of hits of any Splash Attack, only one hit each splash thrown, trailing only the Alien’s one hit per splash cast.

What does the boomerang do in Castle Crashers?

A possible allusion to The Legend of Zelda series is made by this weapon, since the Boomerang appears in certain games in that franchise as an optional weapon that just stuns foes and allows Link to gather objects from a distance while in others it may be used for a variety of other purposes.

How many levels are in Castle Crashers?

By employing this strategy, you will only be able to complete 16 of the 36 levels. With 44 percent of the stages completed, this means that 56 percent of the game is simply filler material.

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How do you get the glitch sword in Castle Crashers?

This was discovered in. The Glitch Sword is a weapon in the game Castle Crashers that cannot be obtained through usual methods. Obtaining this sword necessitated the use of an illicit save in which you had every weapon unlocked, including some that were otherwise unobtainable, such as the Horn or the Map.

How do you get the Yeti in Castle Crashers?

Yeti may be found at the very end of Snow World. A set of homes may be found to the right of the entrance of Ice Castle before entering. Yeti can be found if you look behind them.

Who is the strongest character in Castle Crashers?

Fencer, along with Industrialist, is often regarded as the most powerful character in Castle Crashers, and this is largely held to be true. Because of this, they have the most devastating Splash Attack of any character in the game.

Is the pink knight in Castle Crashers a girl?

In fact, according to Dan Paladin, the game’s illustrator, there isn’t even agreement on Pink Knight’s gender inside the confines of The Behemoth. Pink Knight is a character in the video game Super Meat Boy that may be controlled by the player. This is a quality that no other character possesses.

How do I unlock Insane mode?

Complete all of the checkpoint levels and defeat the Final Boss to get access to Insane Mode on any of the game’s supported platforms. If you want to play as more than one character in Insane Mode, you must accomplish this job for each character you want to play as.

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