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How To Grind Telescope Mirror? (Solved)

What is the most efficient method of grinding mirrors?

  • Roughness in stroke numbers, tool rotation, and disc rotation are all important factors in good mirror grinding. Making a tile tool out of tiles that have been broken with a hammer can help to increase the unpredictability of the game:) Always work with water on your hands! Prior to beginning to grind, sprinkle some water on the grit.

How long does it take to grind a telescope mirror?

It probably took me 80-100 hours to simply grind the telescope mirror, but I was learning a lot and taking my time with the process.

How do you polish a mirror on a telescope?

Place the mirror face-up on a towel and, with the drain open, spray the mirror’s surface with room-temperature water for a few minutes to remove any lingering residue. The majority of dust and grit will be securely removed in this manner. For removing grit from a telescope mirror, the most safest method is to blast the surface with tap water, as seen from left to right.

How thick should a telescope mirror be?

Telescope Mirrors That Are Too Thin Long ago, amateur astronomers and telescope manufacturers believed it was vital that the glass used in telescope main mirrors have at least a sixth the thickness of the mirror’s total circumference.

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How long does it take to polish a telescope mirror?

TIME: A 6″ f/8 or an 8″ f/6 mirror will normally be polished out in 6 to 12 hours of effort, depending on the size of the mirror and the individual’s work habits. This is typically one to two hours per inch of mirror diameter, with the average being one to two hours.

How do you clean dust from a telescope?

Cleaning supplies for the most basic tasks include:

  1. Blowing loose dust and big particles away with compressed gas or compressed air is a good idea. Remove any lingering debris or smudges using a cleaning solution that is gentle on the surface. Wet soft, simple tissue or cotton balls with the solution to wet larger optical surfaces, or cotton swabs to wet smaller optical surfaces such as eyepiece lenses.

What type of mirror is used in telescopes?

The Primary Objective of the Reflecting Telescope or Reflector is a concave mirror, rather than a lens or lenses, which is used to focus the light entering the telescope. The kind of reflector is determined by the other system mirror(s), which are referred to as the Secondary Mirror.

What is a telescope mirror called?

It is also known as a reflector. A reflecting telescope (also known as a reflector) is an optical instrument that employs one or more curved mirrors to reflect light and create a picture. From Newton’s time through the 1800s, the mirror’s frame was constructed of metal – mainly speculum metal – and was used to reflect light.

Do telescope mirrors warp?

FABRICATION OF THIN MIRRORS FOR TELESCOPES THAT REFLECT Written by HAROLD C. The result will be warping due to the fact that “it will bend with its own weight,” as the phrase goes in the industry. The notion that thin mirrors warp as a result of their own weight is irrational on its face, even if it is true that thin mirrors are discovered to warp.

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What does the primary mirror do on a telescope?

The Primary Mirror of your telescope is, without a doubt, the most important component of your telescope. It is responsible for gathering and focusing the light that you will be seeing, and its size, weight, and focal length determine the overall dimensions and performance qualities of your scope.

Why telescope mirrors are thick?

Essentially, it is necessary to avoid warping, but there is a limit to how thick it may be. As a result, the thicker it is, the longer it takes to cool to the temperature of the outside air! In order to be able to be held securely in a narrower scope, amateur telescope mirrors are thicker per inch than huge professional telescope mirrors!

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