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What Is So Special About The Hubble Space Telescope? (Question)

It is a highly unusual telescope that travels at a great distance above the Earth. Because Hubble is located above the clouds in the Earth’s atmosphere, it allows us to view things in greater detail. However, Hubble is more than just a powerful telescope; it also includes cameras that allow scientists on Earth to observe things billions of light-years distant.

  • Hubble travels around the Earth and its atmosphere in an orbit that is high above the surface of the planet. As a result, Hubble can view farther into space than any other telescope on Earth. The Hubble Space Telescope is not the type of telescope that you can see through with your eyes. Hubble takes pictures with a digital camera. It captures images in the same way as a mobile phone does.

What is fascinating about the Hubble Space telescope?

Hubble circles the Earth at a cruising speed of 17,000 miles per hour, and it takes 15 minutes for Hubble to complete one full rotation of the planet. Observations by Hubble have taken place at sites more than 13.4 billion light years distant, indicating that it has seen light that was present in the cosmos 13.4 billion years ago.

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What are two things that make the Hubble Space telescope unique?

In part, this was made possible by the fact that Hubble’s vision was not impaired by the Earth’s atmosphere, which allowed astronomers to get closer looks at space phenomena than they had ever been able to before. They were able to observe stars and planets as they formed, examine exoplanets, and record the power of cosmic impacts.

What was the Hubble Space Telescope flaw?

Spherical aberration was present, meaning that not all sections of the mirror were focused in the same direction. The Hubble Space Telescope’s mirror’s shape was wrong by less than 1/50th the thickness of a human hair, yet this inconsequential imperfection had a disastrous effect on the quality of the Hubble’s photos and the efficiency of all of the Hubble sensors.

What did we do about the Hubble Space Telescope flaw?

The end product was a mirror with an aberration one-fiftyth the thickness of a human hair, which was created during the grinding process. Because it was not possible to replace the mirror, the best answer was to design new tools that corrected the fault in the same way that a pair of glasses corrects the eyesight of a nearsighted person’s vision.

How powerful is the Hubble telescope?

The Hubble Space Telescope is capable of detecting the light of a firefly from a distance of around 7,000 miles, and scientists have taken use of these incredible capabilities to uncover many of the mysteries of the cosmos.

Are Hubble Space Telescope pictures real?

TLDR: Yes, the Hubble Space Telescope photos are real. This series of blogs is devoted to the examination of Hubble space telescope photography, as well as a more general discussion of the reliability of astronomical imagery.

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What did the Hubble telescope discover?

Edwin Hubble, an American astronomer, was honored by having his telescope named after him. Hubble, who was born in 1889, made the breakthrough discovery that many objects previously assumed to be clouds of dust and gas and categorized as nebulae were actually galaxies beyond the Milky Way galaxy.

Does the Hubble telescope use mirrors?

To gather and concentrate light, Hubble employs two mirrors that are set out in a Cassegrain telescope configuration. As light makes its way down the length of the telescope, it comes into contact with the primary mirror, which is concave or bowl-shaped.

Is the Hubble telescope broken?

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, which is one of the most important tools for space exploration, has been down for a second time. Since its inception in April 1990, the Hubble Space Telescope has proven to be an essential resource for scientists and astronomers all around the world.

Why did the Hubble telescope fail?

The primary mirror of the Hubble Space Telescope is being polished before to installation. Because the edges of the telescope were polished just a little too flat, the telescope was unable to focus precisely. We’ve become accustomed to the superb functioning of the Hubble Space Telescope and almost take it for granted.

How was the Hubble telescope mirror fixed?

NASA engineers worked around the clock to come up with possible solutions, which included everything from inserting a spacewalking astronaut into Hubble’s optical tube to replace the telescope’s secondary mirror to installing a circular shade around the opening of the tube, reducing the aperture, and improving the telescope’s overall performance.

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Why is Hubble better than ground telescopes?

Space-based telescopes, such as the Hubble Space Telescope, provide a considerably sharper perspective of the cosmos than most of their ground-based equivalents, according to NASA. Aspects of the electromagnetic spectrum that they can detect include frequencies and wavelengths over the full spectrum. This method cannot be used to service other space telescopes.

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