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Where To Buy A Sonotube To Make A 10 Inch Dob Telescope? (Correct answer)

What is the best way to utilize a DOB Smithsonian 10″ telescope?

  • This Dobsonian telescope with a 10-inch focal length is extremely simple to use. Use the two-inch focuser to sharpen your vision and guarantee that you have a flawlessly clear image of various celestial objects as you observe them.
  • The best part is that you can even bring this telescope along on your travels.

Can you build your own Dobsonian telescope?

The 6-inch f/7.5 Newtonian Optical Tube Assembly in yellow is a 6-inch f/7.5 Newtonian. The plywood Dobsonian mount is a straightforward design that is quite useful. There are many different methods to construct a Dobsonian telescope, and there are several design considerations to be taken.

What is the largest Dobsonian telescope?

A number of manufacturers provide versions with an aperture of 24 inches (610 mm) or higher. Truss Dobsonians are the biggest commercially available telescopes on the market today. The 2018 Northeast Astronomy Forum included a gigantic 36 inch (914 mm) aperture Hybrid model from New Moon Telescopes, which was on show at the event.

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What is a Dobsonian base?

Designed by a guy called John Dobson, the Dobsonian is a Newtonian on a base that is similar to a sphere. The Dobsonian was first ascribed to Dobson in 1965, however he has maintained that he did not come up with the idea. The Dobsonian setup enables amateurs to obtain larger and better mirrors, which aids them in viewing objects that are further away in space.

What type of telescope is a Dobsonian telescope?

A Dobsonian telescope (which utilizes a mirror rather than a lens) is similar in design to a Newtonian telescope in that it is a reflecting telescope (concave collecting mirror is at the rear of the telescope tube, eyepiece is on the side of tube, up near the front).

What can you see with a 14 inch Dobsonian telescope?

The 14-inch telescope optical tube can be collapsed to just a little over 38 inches in length, making it easy to travel in a variety of vehicles. The enormous 14-inch mirror looks deep into the universe, revealing hundreds of objects ranging from Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars to galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters that are millions of light years from Earth.

How do you make a homemade telescope?

Method 2: Constructing a Telescope Out of Lenses.

  1. Take all of your supplies and cut the outer tube in half. 2 parts of the inner tube of the mailing tube should be cut off. Make a hole in the postal tube top for the eye. Make holes on the exterior of the big tube with a drill bit. Glue the lens of the eyepiece to the detachable cap. Remove the closed end of the outer tube.
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What can you see with an 11 inch telescope?

11-inch Telescopes are exceptionally sharp for their size and have excellent contrast. They are capable of resolving double stars at a resolution of 42 arcseconds and magnifying objects up to 304 times the size of the human eye. 11-inch optical tubes are also superb light collectors, allowing a viewer to see stars with magnitudes ranging from 16 to 18!

What is a Mak Cass telescope?

Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes, which are comparable to Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, are another form of compound telescope. In order to gather light, they use a spherical mirror, and in order to compensate for aberrations, they use a curved lens up front. The corrector lens on a Mak, on the other hand, has a straightforward spherical curvature that is simple to build.

What can you see with a 12 inch Dobsonian telescope?

What Kind of Things Can You See Through Dobsonian Telescopes?

  • Near-Earth Objects (NSOs) include the Moon, planets, and the Sun. Deep Space Objects (DSOs) include galaxies, nebulae, and clusters. Setup and operation are simple. The telescope is designed to be portable. It is a reflecting telescope that is well-adapted.

What does an equatorial mount do?

An equatorial mount is a type of instrument mount that adjusts for the rotation of the Earth by having one rotating axis that is parallel to the axis of rotation of the Earth. This sort of mount is used to hold astronomical telescopes and digital cameras in their proper positions.

Are Dobsonian telescopes good?

Dobsonian telescopes are very good instruments that are suitable for both amateur and professional astronomers. They are also incredibly cost-effective when compared to other types of telescopes. The capacity of the telescope to gather light is one of the advantages of this form of optical system. The greater the amount of light collected, the greater the number of fainter things that may be seen.

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Which is better Dobsonian or Newtonian?

This increases the durability of the Dobsonian and makes it easier to transport without worrying about breaking your telescope. Dobsonian tubes are twice as long as some regular Newtonians, owing to the fact that a Dob utilizes a flat secondary mirror rather than a curved secondary mirror.

What is a catadioptric telescope?

Capodioptric telescopes are optical instruments that create images by combining mirrors and lenses that are specially configured to produce the picture. This is often done so that the telescope can have a larger overall degree of error correction than their all-lens or all-mirror equivalents, with a correspondingly wider aberration-free field of vision than those with just lenses or only mirrors.

What size Dobsonian should I get?

For those who aren’t concerned about size or budget, 8″ is a suitable starting place. For the majority of individuals, 12″ is still not too large to manage. 16″ would be large, but not monstrous in comparison to other sizes. Afterwards, we move into the 20- to 30-inch range, which will show you even more if you have the money to purchase it, a room to store it, and the will to put it to use.

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