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Where To Find Old Telescope Fallout 4? (Solved)


  1. On the third level of the Medford Memorial Hospital, there are nine beds available. Nine people are in Vault 81: seven are in the hidden vault
  2. six are inside Cambridge Polymer Labs
  3. five are in Greenetech Genetics
  4. five are in Med-Tek Research
  5. four are in the Nahant Oceanological Society
  6. four are in Vault 95
  7. three are in D.B.

In Fallout 4, what exactly can you perform with a microscope?

  • In Fallout 4, a microscope is considered a non-essential equipment. A scientific microscope is a device that is used to investigate tiny creatures and materials. Along the margins, there is a lot of corrosion and damage from the elements. For the purpose of creating, the microscope may be disassembled into its component parts, which are as follows: The number nine may be seen on the third floor of the Medford Memorial Hospital.

Where is the microscope in Fallout 4?

Locations. Microscopes are often found in laboratories all around the Commonwealth of Massachusetts..

How do I get the old camera in Fallout 4?


  1. It can be purchased from some vendors. It can also be obtained from the book return terminal in the D.B. Technical High School for 36 tokens. There are five in Greenetech Genetics. There are four in Fort Hagen. There are two in the BADTFL regional office. There are two in the Corvega assembly plant. There are two in the Covenant.
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Where is Acadia Fallout 4?

Acadia is a DLC refuge Far Harbor Location in the Eastern region of the Commonwealth, located in the area known as Acadia. It is located to the southwest of Far Harbor and to the north of the Harbor Grand Hotel, and it is only accessible through the purchase of the Far Harbor expansion.

What is Shaun building Fallout 4?

Shaun, also known as S9-23, is a prototype synth created by the real Shaun and currently resides in the Institute, unless the Sole Survivor chooses to destroy the Institute during the mission The Nuclear Option, after which he can either be sent to the Commonwealth or left to die. Shaun was created by the real Shaun and is a prototype synth created by the real Shaun.

How do I get to Jamaica Plain Fallout 4?

It may be reached by either entering the home adjacent to it and climbing on the roof, or by passing through the church’s windows, which are large enough to pass through without problem without stumbling. The town hall, which is located across the street from the church, is the most sought-after location in Jamaica Plain.

What is the magnifying glass Fallout 4?

The magnifying glass is activated by marking a specific material in the crafting interface or via the Inventory (see How do you mark components and what impact does it have? for more information). Its purpose is to inform you that the thing in question can be broken down into the substance you’re seeking for.

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Where can I find crystals Fallout 4?


  • Carla at Trashcan Carla sells a shipment of 25
  • Deb at Bunker Hill sells a shipment of 25
  • Daisy at Daisy’s Discounts in Goodneighbor sells a shipment of 25. A large number of cameras and microscopes are still in good working order at the Institute. Jamaica Plain features a large number of laser tripwires that must be disarmed.

What happens if I tell DiMA IM in the brotherhood?

You can identify yourself as a member of the Institute, Brotherhood, or Railroad by telling DiMA who you are. It will not get you into problems with him, even if you threaten to do so, because he has entertaining dialog for each one. DiMA assigns you side missions to complete in order to assist the residents of Acadia, however you can go on with the main objective.

What happens if you destroy Acadia?

If Acadia is attacked, everyone within, including Kasumi, will perish, putting a damper on the conclusion of the tale as a whole. You will, however, receive a one-of-a-kind Lever Action Rifle named Lucky Eddy, as well as a Perk that increases damage when your health is low.

Is Captain Avery a synth?

I work as a synthesizer.

Can you have a baby in Fallout 4?

In order for childbirth to take place, you must first establish a settlement with a baby crib and assign someone to care for the infant. You can only have one kid at a time; in order to have a second, you must advance the game’s timer forward (more on that later). If you answer yes, the game will proceed four years, forcing all of your children to grow older.

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Is Kellogg a synth?

In his recollections with the doctor woman and Nick Valentine, Father (Shuan) indicates that he was a part Synth, some hybrid, or someshit, and that was how you perceived his memories with Father (Shuan). Kellogg received cybernetic implants from the CIT, which allowed him to live a life that was far longer than expected. Shaun claims he’s been a member of the Institute for a long time before he joined the staff.

Is Mama Murphy a synth?

Mama Murphy is a psychic, according to the Fallout Shelter video game. With the revelation that the Sole Survivor is a synth, the prescriptive history would have made a lot more sense, since it was imposed on the player character through false memories in the same way it was forced on the player.

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