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Which Of The Following Is An Inherit Disadvatage Of Radio Telescope? (Perfect answer)

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Which of the following is an inherent disadvantage of radio telescopes? The long wavelength of radio waves results in lower resolving power
Which of the following is a significant advantage of the HST compared to the 4-meter Kitt telescopes? The HST isn’t affected by atmospheric scintillation


Which of the following is an inherent disadvantage of radio telescopes quizlet?

Which of the following is a disadvantage that radio telescopes are destined to have? Radio transmissions are extremely weak, and their photons do not penetrate the atmosphere very well, making them ineffective.

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What is a disadvantage of radio telescopes compared to optical telescopes quizlet?

If radio telescopes are used instead of optical telescopes, what is the drawback of using radio telescopes? – Because radio photons have lesser energy than radio waves, the intensity of radio waves is lower.

What is the most important quality of an astronomical telescope quizlet?

The light-collecting area and angular resolution of a telescope are the two most essential characteristics of a telescope. The light-collecting area of a telescope informs us how much total light it can capture at a given point in time. A measure of angular resolution is the shortest angle at which we can distinguish that two dots or two stars are different from one another in space.

What technique does a radio telescope use to focus incoming light?

The parabolic dish antenna is the most adaptable and powerful form of radio telescope antenna available. When incoming radio waves hit the parabola, they are forced to bounce up and around until they reach a single point above it, which is referred to as a focus.

What is a disadvantage of using a single large lens in a telescope quizlet?

A(n) telescope would be the most effective tool for seeing a heated dust cloud in which stars are developing. A downside of employing a single big lens in a telescope is that it is more difficult to focus. All of the following options are correct: Large lenses are difficult to produce and are thus costly.

What is the main reason for using several radio telescopes together as an interferometer?

Radio astronomers can use interferometry to integrate signals from a large number of antennas, and even a large number of telescopes. Their ability to provide a picture that is far brighter and more detailed than that produced by a single antenna dish is invaluable.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of radio telescopes?

Due to the fact that radio waves may penetrate through clouds, radio telescopes have the benefit of being able to be utilized in overcast weather. Because these instruments require a vast collecting area, they are more expensive to manufacture than other types of equipment. Optical equipment such as telescopes are used to amplify electromagnetic radiation.

Which could be a disadvantage of a thin or floppy telescope mirror?

One possible drawback of a narrow or “floppy” telescope mirror is that it is difficult to focus. It has a tendency to droop as a result of its own weight.

Which of the following is a problem with ground-based telescopes?

Ground-based telescopes are unable to get the same results because the Earth’s atmosphere absorbs a large portion of the infrared and ultraviolet light that flows through it. This method cannot be used to service other space telescopes.

Which of the following characteristics of an astronomical telescope is the most important?

The aperture of a telescope is the diameter of the light-gathering lens or mirror, which is commonly referred to as the objective. The aperture is the most significant property of a telescope. See if you can find the specs for your telescope at the focuser, at the front of the tube, or on the box.

Which of the following characteristics of an astronomical telescope is the most important for determining the angular resolution group of answer choices?

When it comes to assessing angular resolution in an astronomical telescope, which of the following properties is the most significant to consider? The diameter of the objective lens or mirror is measured in millimeters. The light collecting power of a 40-inch telescope is times more than that of a 20-inch telescope. What goes into the construction of a Cassegrain reflecting telescope?

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What are the two most important properties of a telescope astronomy?

The following are the two most significant characteristics of a telescope:

  • Light collecting capacity – The stronger a telescope’s ability to gather light, the higher your chances of seeing distant stars and dim things in the night sky. Magnification – The magnification of a telescope defines how much larger items look when seen through the telescope.

What are the advantages of using a radio telescope instead of a reflecting or refracting telescope?

Radio waves have a much longer wavelength than light waves (typically 100,000 times longer) and are therefore less susceptible to interferences caused by imperfections on the reflecting surface. As a result, radio waves are not constructed to the degree of smoothness required for glass mirrors, and are therefore less expensive to produce.

How are telescopes that use radio waves different from visible light telescopes How are they similar or different from conventional telescopes?

Because radio wavelengths are far longer than optical wavelengths, radio telescopes are significantly bigger than optical telescopes. Because radio waves have longer wavelengths than optical light waves, they have less energy than optical light waves. The radio dishes must be extremely huge in order to gather enough radio photons to be able to detect a signal.

What type of telescope is a radio telescope?

The radio reflector, which is composed of a parabolic antenna and works in the same way as a television satellite dish to focus incoming radiation onto a small antenna known as the feed, which is a term that originated with antennas used for radar transmissions. The radio reflector is the most common type of radio telescope (see figure).

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