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Why Is The Hubble Space Telescope Better Than Ground Based Telescope? (Question)

Space-based telescopes, such as the Hubble Space Telescope, provide a considerably sharper perspective of the cosmos than most of their ground-based equivalents, according to NASA. Ground-based telescopes are unable to get the same results because the Earth’s atmosphere absorbs a large portion of the infrared and ultraviolet light that flows through it.
Why are ground-based telescopes preferable to space-based telescopes in terms of performance?

  • Since the beginning of astronomical study, ground-based telescopes have served as the workhorses. When compared to space-based telescopes, ground-based telescopes have a lot to offer in terms of capabilities. They may be constructed in greater size and for less money. They are less difficult to maintain and improve.

Why is the Hubble Space Telescope so special?

It is a highly unusual telescope that travels at a great distance above the Earth. Because Hubble is located above the clouds in the Earth’s atmosphere, it allows us to view things in greater detail. However, Hubble is more than just a powerful telescope; it also includes cameras that allow scientists on Earth to observe things billions of light-years distant.

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Which of these is one reason that having the Hubble telescope in space is better than having a telescope on a mountaintop?

Which of the following is one of the reasons why having the Hubble Orbit Telescope in space is preferable to having a telescope on a mountain top? It is not possible to see the Hubble Space Telescope because to clouds. To help in navigation, satellites can collaborate with one another through which of the following technologies? You’ve just finished studying 20 terms!

What is the single greatest advantage of a space telescope over a ground-based telescope?

Which of the following is one of the reasons why having the Hubble Orbit Telescope in space is preferable to having a telescope on a mountaintop? The Hubble Space Telescope does not suffer from cloud cover. Satellites collaborate in order to help in navigation in which of the following technologies: Those 20 words were recently reviewed!

Why does the Hubble Space Telescope not fall to the ground?

The gravitational pull of the Earth is stronger in certain locations than it is in others. You’d think that dealing with gravity would be sufficient. However, satellites in low earth orbit, such as the Hubble Space Telescope, are susceptible to being dragged out of their orbit by the drag from the surrounding environment.

How powerful is Hubble telescope?

The Hubble Space Telescope is capable of detecting the light of a firefly from a distance of around 7,000 miles, and scientists have taken use of these incredible capabilities to uncover many of the mysteries of the cosmos.

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What did the Hubble telescope discover?

Edwin Hubble, an American astronomer, was honored by having his telescope named after him. Hubble, who was born in 1889, made the breakthrough discovery that many objects previously assumed to be clouds of dust and gas and categorized as nebulae were actually galaxies beyond the Milky Way galaxy.

What advantages does the Hubble Space Telescope have over ground based telescopes?

Over and above the advantages of most other optical astronomical facilities, the Hubble Space Telescope offers four distinct advantages: unprecedented angular resolution over a large field of view, spectral coverage ranging from near infrared to far ultraviolet, an extremely dark sky, and images that are extremely stable, allowing for precision photometry.

Why is the Hubble Space Telescope in space instead of on the ground quizlet?

What is the purpose of having the Hubble Space Telescope in space rather than on the ground? It observes in the ultraviolet range and does not suffer from air distortion. The resolution has been significantly enhanced. a large number of items near together, a large number of objects at a great distance, and minor details of an object

Was the Hubble telescope mission successful?

What is the purpose of having the Hubble Space Telescope in space rather than on Earth? It observes in the ultraviolet range and avoids being distorted by the atmosphere.. This has resulted in a significant improvement in the resolution. a large number of things near together, a large number of objects at a great distance, and minor characteristics of an object

Which of these is not an advantage of the Hubble Space Telescope over ground-based ones?

In comparison to ground-based observatories, which of the following is not a benefit of the Hubble Space Telescope is correct? It is in closer proximity to the stars. It is not possible to study any of the following wavelength areas with ground-based telescopes. In order to detect dim astronomical objects, telescopes operating at this wavelength must be cooled down.

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What are three advantages to space telescopes?

Advantages. Because it is not affected by the atmosphere, it is possible to make more accurate observations. Light pollution, glittering stars, and other sources of light pollution do not alter the image in any way. Wider wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum, such as infrared, ultraviolet, x-rays, and gamma rays, can be detected, as can shorter wavelengths.

What type of telescopes are most effective when used in space?

When observing distant objects in the X-ray spectrum, X-ray telescopes, such as the Chandra X-ray Observatory, employ X-ray optics to achieve their objectives. It is possible that the Hubble Space Telescope (HST), as seen in (Figure below), is the most well-known of all space telescopes.

Does the Hubble telescope move fast or slow?

The satellite travels at a speed of around five miles (8 kilometers) per second, which is sufficient for it to transit across the United States in approximately ten minutes.

Is Hubble telescope in low Earth orbit?

Hubble has circled the Earth and traveled more than 4 billion miles through a round low-earth orbit that is now 340 miles above the surface of the planet. Hubble does not have any thrusters.

How does the Hubble telescope move?

The Magnetic Sensing System serves as Hubble’s compass, determining the telescope’s orientation in reference to the Earth’s magnetic field through measurements. When Hubble rotates, its gyroscopes record the direction in which the telescope is turning as well as the pace at which it is spinning. Aspects of Hubble’s gyroscopes are among the most precise and steady ever made.

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