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Nasa Proposed Successor To The Hubble Space Telescope His Name For Which Former Head Of The Agency? (Solved)

  • From February 1961 until October 1968, James E. Webb served as the director of the nascent space agency. In his opinion, NASA needed to achieve a balance between human spaceflight and scientific research. He is more widely associated with the Apollo lunar mission than than with science, which is why NASA has chosen to honor him with the name “Hubble” for the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope.

What is the successor for the Hubble Space Telescope?

JWST stands for the James Webb Space Telescope, which is being constructed collaboratively by NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), and the Canadian Space Agency. It will be launched into orbit in 2018. (CSA). It is intended to take over as NASA’s Flagship astrophysics project from the Hubble Space Telescope in 2018.

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Who is the Hubble telescope named after?

Mt. Wilson Observatory near Pasadena, California, was home to Edwin Hubble, for whom the Hubble Telescope was named. In the 1920s, he utilized the greatest telescope available at the time to discover galaxies beyond our own galaxy. Hubble, the observatory, is the first big optical telescope to be put in space, and it represents the pinnacle of technological achievement.

What is the new name of NASA’s Wfirst Hubble telescope?

The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope is the name of NASA’s Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST), which was named after the agency’s first Chief of Astronomy, Nancy Grace Roman.

What is the name of the space telescope that will be replacing Hubble and when is it scheduled to launch?

The Webb Telescope is on the verge of being completed. During a press conference on October 12, 2021, the European Space Agency (ESA) announced that the James Webb Space Telescope – the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope – had landed safely at Pariacabo port in French Guiana. At this moment, the launch date of December 18 is still on track to take place.

Why is the telescope named after James Webb?

It was initially referred to as the “Next Generation Space Telescope,” or NGST, when it was first launched in 2009. The Hubble Space Telescope was given the designation “Next Generation” because Webb will expand on and continue the scientific investigation begun by the Hubble Space Telescope.

When was the Hubble telescope launched?

The Hubble Space Telescope, which was first conceptualized in the 1940s and was originally known as the Large Space Telescope, underwent decades of planning and study before it was finally launched on April 24, 1990.

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Who was involved in the Hubble Space Telescope?

It is an international effort between NASA and the European Space Agency that has resulted in the Hubble Space Telescope (ESA).

Where is Hubble telescope?

Hubble is in low Earth orbit, at a height of roughly 540 kilometers (340 miles) and an inclination of 28.5 degrees, at an altitude of approximately 540 kilometers (340 miles).

What is the Spitzer Space Telescope named after?

NASA’s Space Infrared Telescope Facility (SIRTF) will be renamed the Spitzer Space Telescope in honor of Dr. Lyman Spitzer Jr., who died in 2011. Dr. Spitzer has been presented with this accolade in recognition of his vision and commitment to scientific research.

Which telescope was originally going to be called the Next Generation Space Telescope but was re named to honor a NASA administrator?

Walkowicz also voiced dissatisfaction, stating that Nelson’s remark had been sent out in secret to a small number of media. NASA’s Next Generation Space Telescope was initially known as the ‘Next Generation Space Telescope,’ but in 2002, then-NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe renamed it in honor of Webb, who had worked for the agency during the Apollo missions.

Who was NASA first chief of astronomy?

In addition to making significant contributions to stellar classification and motions, Nancy Grace Roman (May 16, 1925 – December 25, 2018) was the first female executive at NASA, serving as the agency’s first Chief of Astronomy throughout the 1960s and 1970s, establishing her as one of the “Female Pioneers of the Space Age.”

Is NASA launching telescope in 2021?

This will be the biggest and most technologically advanced telescope to be sent into orbit in history. JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — In accordance with NASA, the mission is scheduled to launch from the Guiana Space Center in French Guiana on December 18, 2021, and it will be the biggest telescope ever sent into space.

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What is NASA’s new rocket called?

It was announced today that NASA has given SpaceX a contract to create their new vehicle, known as Starship, which would transport humans to the Moon’s surface. A lengthy road of development remains ahead of the vehicle, and lawsuits launched by competitor Blue Origin (who did not obtain the NASA contract) have further added to the difficulty of completing it on time.

WHO is launching the James Webb Telescope?

NASA plans to launch the James Webb Space Telescope into orbit on December 18 in order to “act as the preeminent deep space observatory,” according to the agency. It is being billed as the “successor” to the Hubble Space Telescope, despite its $10 billion price tag. Sites all throughout the country will be participating in the festivities building up to the launch.

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