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What Is The Width Of The Mount For The Celestron Nexstar 8Se Telescope? (Question)

What are the advantages of the Nexstar 8SE?

  • This easy-to-use device, the NexStar 8SE, from Celestron, is the company’s iconic orange-tube telescope that combines sophisticated features and exceptional optics in a single easy-to-use package. It’s the ideal pick for your first major telescope, since it provides spectacular vistas at a reasonable price while remaining affordable. The Vision of Our Founder, Reimagined for the Twenty-First Century

Is the NexStar 8SE worth it?

The optics of the NexStar 8SE are exceptionally well-made, and they produce images with exceptional clarity and detail. In order to improve light transmission, they are coated with Celestron’s proprietary Starbright XLT coating. Additionally, as should be the case with a well-constructed compound scope, there are almost no apparent aberrations.

Are telescope mounts interchangeable?

If your telescope is equipped with one of these dovetail bars, it will be convertible with other telescope mounts that have the same saddle as yours. While this implies that the telescopes may be swapped out, you should make sure that the mount is capable of supporting the payload capacity of the telescopes you want to use.

Is Celestron NexStar 8SE good for astrophotography?

The Nexstar 8se is capable of doing astrophotography. I used an off-axis guider in conjunction with a handmade wedge. I’m able to obtain 600″ subs. I believe it is an excellent telescope, and it detaches easily from the wedge, making it simple to use in alt/az mode for planet and terrestrial viewing.

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How do you align your alt az mount with a wedge?

What is the best way to align your Alt-Az mount with a Wedge?

  1. Preliminary Alignment is the first step. Alignment of the EQ North axis
  2. rough alignment Attach the wedge to the tripod and the mount and optical tube to the wedge using the included screws. Alignment with EQ North. Use EQ North (or South) to orient your mount and then follow the onscreen directions on the hand controller.

Is Celestron 8SE a good telescope?

With an f/10 focal length of 80 inches and an 8-inch main mirror, the NexStar 8SE is an SCT OTA with an extremely long focal length of 80 inches. The 8SE performs exceptionally well when viewing planets, and it has a good and stable GoTo mechanism. It is routinely one of the best-rated telescopes in the world, despite the fact that its optical tube has stayed mostly unchanged since the 1970s.

What can I see with a NexStar 8SE?

When using the NexStar 8SE, expect to enjoy spectacular views of the Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mars, and the Orion Nebula, among other celestial objects. You will be able to tour the majority of our solar system, and if the conditions are favorable (mainly outdoors, away from towns, and without light pollution), you will be able to plunge into deep space objects and study their interiors.

Can you use an alt az mount for astrophotography?

Learn how to capture excellent astrophotos with your Alt-Az mount by reading this article. If you possess an Alt-Az mount, you most certainly believe that it “cannot be utilized for deep sky astrophotography.” This is not always true. It is possible to capture beautiful deep sky shots with an Alt-Az mount if you know how to do it and choose the correct subjects to photograph.

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What does AZ mean on a telescope?

ALT / AZ are shortcuts. Alt Az (short for altitude-azimuth) installation is the most straightforward of all telescope mounting options. It is intended to allow the telescope to be pointed up and down, as well as left and right, as needed.

What is the best telescope for deep space viewing?

Review of the Best Telescopes for Observing Deep Space Objects

  • Orion SkyQuest XT8g Dobsonian Telescope
  • Celestron – NexStar 8SE Telescope
  • Celestron CPC 1100 StarBright XLT Telescope
  • Sky-Watcher Classic 250 Dobsonian Telescope
  • Orion SpaceProbe 130ST EQ Reflector Telescope Kit
  • Celestron – NexStar 130SLT Computerized Telescope
  • Celestron CPC 1100 StarB
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